Publishing a Story

Publishing a story creates an HTML file that can opened in a web browser.

You can publish a story from both the Story Library and Story Map screens.

  • In the Story Library screen, select the story, then choose Publish to File from the Build top toolbar tab.
  • In the Story Map screen, choose Publish to File from the Build top toolbar tab.

Twine will then ask you to choose a file name and location to save your published file.

Some versions of the Safari web browser may instead open a browser tab with an address that begins with blob://. If this happens, choose Save As from Safari's File menu to save your story to a file.

Now That I Have a Published File, What Do I Do?

The short answer is that you can publish your story anywhere an HTML file can be published. You could send this directly to people using email or publish it to a web site. Some cloud file hosting services might allow you to publish your file in a web-accessible form, but many limit this functionality so that a story can only be downloaded by viewers, not directly played in a brwoser.

Two services that offer Twine-specific hosting are Borogove and Itch is more of a marketplace, while Borogove is more closely aligned with the interactive fiction community.