Setting Preferences

To customize Twine's preferences, choose Preferences from the Twine top toolbar tab. This tab is available throughout Twine. A dialog will appear that lets you change settings. These changes will take effect as soon as you make them, and Twine will remember them between sessions.

Changing Twine's Language

To change the language Twine's user interface, select it from the Language menu in the preferences dialog.

Changing Twine's Theme

To change Twine's theme, select an option from the Theme menu. The Dark and Light settings cause Twine to always use that theme, while the System choice uses the theme that matches your system's theme setting, if Twine can determine it. If Twine can't determine whether your system is using a dark or light theme, it will default to a light theme.

Changing Dialogs

The Dialog Width menu controls the width of dialogs. The placement of dialogs onscreen (e.g. switching them from the right side of the window) cannot be changed.

Changing Edit Dialogs

The Blinking Cursor in Editors checkbox controls whether the cursor blinks in passage edit dialogs, the story JavaScript edit dialog, and the story stylesheet edit dialog. This preference only controls the cursor in the large text fields of these dialogs. Twine uses your system setting for cursor blinking in one-line text fields.

You can change the font and size used in passage edit dialogs and the stylesheet and JavaScript edit dialogs using the controls below the Blinking Cursor in Editors checkbox. (The Code Editor preferences apply to both the stylesheet and JavaScript edit dialogs.)

  • The System font setting uses the same font that your computer uses in the rest of its user interface.
  • The Monospaced font setting uses common monospace fonts across operating systems.
  • The Custom font setting allows you to specify any font that's installed in your computer. You must spell this font name exactly right, including any spaces or other symbols in the font name. Capitalization doesn't matter when setting a custom font.