Tagging Passages

Passages can be tagged just like stories, and in a similar fashion, passage tags mostly exist to help you organize your story. Passage tags don't typically change a passage's behavior when played, but often story formats make tags accessible to code you write. As example, you could change the appearance of your story when the player reaches a passage tagged night. You should consult your story format's documentation for details on how this works.

If a tag is assigned a color, a stripe of that color will appear at the top of each passage card that has that tag. Tags will also be listed in a passage edit dialog regardless of color.

Adding Tags

To add a tag to a passage, edit it and choose the Tag button.

Renaming Tags and Changing the Color of Tags

To rename a passage tag, choose Passage Tags from the Story top toolbar tab. In this dialog, you can rename a tag or change its color.

The color of an an individual tag can also be changed in the passage edit dialog of a passage that has that tag.

Removing Tags

To remove a tag from a passage, edit it, then select the tag you want to remove. Finally, choose Remove from the